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Your guided tour will graduate from simple terrain to advanced hill climbing at varied speeds across the Mojave Desert. By design, this will give you a few miles to get comfortable with the ease of handling and amazing agility the Polaris RZR offers. You will soon be navigating over otherwise unreachable paths. Your professional guide will go over in detail what you need to know to keep safe in the initial training. After that, the experience teaches you the rest. In just a few minutes, the anxiety subsides and the excitement builds as you look forward to the next leg of the tour.

From $549.99

Experience a thrilling 4.5-hour night trail expedition amidst stunning landscapes, wild mustangs, and celestial wonders like Orion’s Belt. Navigate the terrain in the latest Polaris RZR XP 1000, equipped with radio helmets.

After having dinner at the Pioneer Saloon, take a look above  at the night sky through a telescope to see if you can “catch” a shooting star! The elevation is higher out here in this majestic desert providing clear views of the constellations.