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Your safety is top priority at Vegas Off road Tours. Your RZR ride includes many safety features.

  • All brand new latest models in our fleet
  • High impact roll cage
  • 3 point restraints
  • Latching doors.
  • Fully shielded roof cover
  • Mesh side protection
  • DOT helmets with full face shield

In addition, our helmets and RZRs are equipped with two-way communication radios. This allows your guide to inform you of upcoming turns and changes in terrain as you approach them. If you ever feel uncertain, simply push the button and notify your guide. They will assist you in navigating through or around any obstacles.

As the only UTV off-road tour company in Las Vegas with radio communicators on every guided tour, Vegas Off Road Tours prioritizes safety and clear communication. Once you drive your RZR through the gates and exit the base camp on South Las Vegas Blvd, your guide will choose from over 340 miles of trails based on your comfort level. With two-way communication, you can feel confident in staying on track and safely exploring the vast array of trails available. It’s worth noting that even if you rode nonstop for two days, you would never encounter the same trail twice.